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FLIX_411's Journal
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Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
4:12 am
Depp, Farrell, Law Donate Earnings to Matilda Ledger
The actors – who replaced Heath following his death from an accidental prescription drugs overdose in January – wanted to give their money to Heath’s two-year-old child with actress Michelle Williams to ensure she has a secure future.

The movie’s director Terry Gilliam said: “The three actors were totally heroic coming in. This doesn’t happen very often - where there’s a tragedy like this, and very famous, very successful actors suddenly say, ‘OK, we’ll do whatever it takes to help.’
“They came, they did the work, they allowed the movie to be finished, they didn’t take money – the money goes to Heath’s daughter. That’s extraordinary!

“I am so glad these guys are so humble. That’s why they make a great addition to the film. It will be bittersweet seeing this movie knowing he was filming it only days before he died. This picture still hurts to see because as we all know he did die a couple of days after this picture was taken. My thoughts will always be with Heath.”

Johnny, Colin and Jude will all play Heath’s character Tony as he is transported into three separate dimensions, which he accesses via a paranormal mirror belonging to a travelling theatre troupe.
Friday, August 1st, 2008
4:39 pm
ong bak
When it comes to thesp self-indulgence on set, it's hard to beat Thai superstar Tony Jaa . The martial arts actor was directing and starring in his new martial arts epic, Ong Bak 2, but, in the middle of filming, decided to disappear into the jungle and meditate for two months. He showed up again this week to appear on a local Thai chat show. His excuse? He was pursuing "his artistic quest". The film's producers aren't too thrilled to have bankrolled the creative endeavour, claiming Jaa massively overspent his budget.
Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
7:28 pm
It was announced by Troy Duffy himself in March that the sequel to his cult classic film Boondock Saints will happen. Now he's revealed even more about The Boondock Saints 2 . /Film has posted some excerpts from a radio interview Duffy did with the Washington D.C. radio station WJFK 106.7 where he described the plot of the film.
"You kind of wonder what has happened to the brothers... They have been living way back in the valleys of Ireland with their father on a family run sheep farm, way beyond the reach of technology or men. Way out there. It's been sort of a bucolic existence, hard working pioneer-esque type stuff. They have long hair and beards, and stuff like that. You get the sense that they've been hibernating to come back. And there is an event that transpires in Boston. A priest murdered in a church and the body is rigged to make it look like the Saints did it. The one guy that the brothers and father have contact with is Il Duce's brother. So he gets the first notion of this, puts his jeep in gear and tells the brothers what happened. And without even thinking of it the boys are up and out of there ... they cut their hair, digg up their rosaries, strap on their guns, and they're gone! And Dad has to stay back because something is wrong with him, and you can tell he doesn't have much time left. So when the brothers smuggle themselves back to the US, back to Boston, in a very understandable way. And one of the guys they meet along the way is a Hispanic American named Romeo. And Romeo ends up becoming like the third brother or saint, fourth I guess if you're gonna consider Billy. He's a lot more of a bad ass than Rocco was. But his comedy is that he wants to be a lot more a part of this. So there is a lot of humor that comes from that. He's hopefully going to be played by a friend of mine named Clifton Collins, who was in Capote and Frankie Flowers in Traffic."
"When they land they basically start killing everything that they think is responsible for that priest's death. And Romeo has a connection to the Hispanic underground in Boston, which over the last ten years has become pretty exceptional. That is how they are finding their information this time, instead of from Rocco in the first one. So, we've got some great set pieces, some big gun play and new types of stunts. But, right off the bat, we have the same three detectives back. And they are confronted ... because Williem is not going to be in the second one... He is dead right off the top, and his protege, she is named Unis Bloom, she is a George peach. She's got that doc holiday accent, super super sexy. So she's the one going after the saints and now working with these three officers. And she's FBI. Now immediately, the cops from the first film, they were all in on it. They helped the saints at the end of the day, they crossed over to the dark side. And they don't know if she knows or not. That's something we play with throughout the film. There is no love interest by the way. A lot of people hear there is going to be a female lead in Boondock and think there is going to be some kind of love interest... don't worry about that... That's not happening. It's a way to throw a curb-ball at the audience." ... "So for my money, you can't just give them everything they loved from the first one. You have to give them a new story. She is that new story. She is one hell of a firecracker. She starts going with the cops, and this helps preserve something I loved about Boondocks 1, and fans have remarked about. Billy's character Il Duce is the third act. He blasts the story wide open. And because we're keeping him in Ireland, he gets to do the same thing here. He comes back in the third act. The brothers, everything you think is going on, isn't going on. Here's the guy that did this. And it ends up being an old guy who has a connection to Billy. And you sort of figure out where this has all been going. And we go into a period flashback and we explain how Il Duce got to be Il Duce." ... "all the way to the point where he makes the first version of that leather vest."
"Rocco is actually coming back in a dream sequence, so you will see Roc."
You can for part 1 of the audio interview on the station's official website and for part 2.
It is said that Duffy intends to start production on the film in August, "barring an actors strike." I'll keep you posted on this film as soon as i have more information.
7:09 pm
iam emptying my notes
For my first post I will be emptying my notes regarding pre releases and rumors about sequels or remakes. If you would like links to any of these movie posters or trailers just comment and you got it. Or you could easily google for it

There will be a Nightmare on elm street series remake.. They are slating a release for 2009...doomsday writer, out next year for the 25 year anniversary

Tim burton...alice in wonderland, live action

2 faced. will ferrel is racist who gets a split personality...one black one white?

Aliens vs. Monsters...kids cgi cartoon...seth rogan

Kevin smith film with seth rogan, 2 friends are strapped for cash and decide to make porn. During the process the friends find out they have feelings for each other

Asian western....sujkijaki western jango....presented quintan tarentino

Choke.....chuck palinhuik book turned to film...man fakes choking at restaurants then attaches himself to his rescuers in an attempt help pay for moms care

Tyler perry....the family that prays

Rightous kill....2 WORDS!!!! DeNiro, Pacino

Babylon a.d......vin diesel

Death race...jason statham

Mirrors, keifer sutherland

The day the earth stood still remake, keanue reeves, jennifer connoly, 12 12 08

The men who brought you the popular " strangers" horror flick will be adding two movies to their credits. Black is the first film and Alone is the 2nd

Robocop? I was excited about this one till I saw the movie poster. Sooo 80s

Anybody have info on Spyhunter?castelvania?long good friday?

Fast and the furious.....vin diesal, paul walker, michelle rodriguez,.......june 5th 2009

Rob zombie's....tyranousarus rex aug 27th 2008

Disaster movie....from the makers of meet the spartans and date movie

Xmen origins...magneto movie

Xmen origins...wolverine movie....may 1st 2009

Terminator...Salvation, the future begins, may 22 2009, 3 picture deal
Christian bale, helen bonham carter

Goonies 2...paul walker? Sean aston, corey


Elfquest movie

Green lantern....seth rogan making

Broken lizard...Slammin Salmon, michael duncan clark as a retired boxer and owner of a restaurant. The good ol boys of broken lizaed will be employed at the restaurant

Sherlock holmes...will ferrell...sacha baron cohen,

Sherlock holmes....robert downy junior

Avengars...cgi..3d...john favre

Saw 5....dude wearing dead guys face as a mask

Akira.....leonardo dicaprio
6:43 pm
I want to welcome anybody viewing this community. I hope it is a success among users with similar interest. Feel free to post anything along the lines of the subject matter.
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